Remnants of Saturday’s Pillow Fight Day

Pillow Fight Day NYC was held at Washington Square Park (not the first time) on Saturday, April 6th. I’m on the more ‘lenient’ end as far as uses of our parks and public spaces and I endorse a variety of uses (clarification: not corporate uses per se) but I don’t know… the way these feathers were left behind after Saturday’s event is iffy. These photos are from Monday, two days later! It may not show up that clearly in the photos but remnants of feathers and stuffing from pillows can be found all over the area southeast of the Fountain. I wondered whose responsibility this was to clean it up and while speaking with someone who has organized numerous events in our city parks, he told me it is usually the organizer’s responsibility to “return the park in the same or better condition as you found it.” Also, he said, “It should technically be inspected.” It seems to me a hazard particularly for children, wildlife, and plants.

In some places, you see big globs of feathers – easy enough to pick up, I picked up a few – and then in the other photos, look closely, there are feathers everywhere! They did discourage people from bringing pillows with feathers..  but … people are going to bring what they have. Of course, it’s good to have fun and people seem to really enjoy it but I think the concept needs some tinkering if it is going to take place near the lawn and plants in a park.

Washington Square News, Annual Pillow Fight Hits Washington Square Park

Huffington Post National Pillow Fight Day NYC (Video)

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2 thoughts on “Remnants of Saturday’s Pillow Fight Day”

  1. Has anyone noticed the sad state of most of the trees in Washington sq park? Waiting for buds to bloom, but it may appear trees are sickly and dying. What caused dead trees.? Cell phones, biowarfare chemtrails, barium, aluminum, nano metal particles, dried blood, viruses, 24/7 the past 10 years?

  2. Hi. Thanks for your comment.

    Yes, could be many of those things for sure but I’d have to say the inadequate protection of the trees during the park’s redesign construction work over the last five years certainly would be a prime contributing factor…

    I’ll look again more closely. I have written many posts about the trees and I appreciate your comment, interest and concern.



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