Washington Square Park Blog began in 2008 intending to primarily chronicle New York City’s redesign of Washington Square Park, construction on which had begun a couple of months prior.

What I discovered fairly quickly was that things that happen at Washington Square Park at almost every level seem to act as a microcosm of what’s going on at other parks and public spaces, in the Village, and, of course, New York City at large. Perhaps it’s universal in scope also.

I’m not a fan of former Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his administration’s tactics overall but, in a sense, their decision to redesign this historic park led me to writing this blog. It’s an independent, hyper-local effort covering news and other issues.

Writing this blog about Washington Square Park helped me recall and experience the power of place. Places have special energy and different ones resonate I imagine for different people. I think that energy remains within the space (no matter what crazy plans get enacted).

My very first post was called “The Magical Park” and the tagline on this blog was “the chronicles of a beloved park and a city government overcome by its own power.”

I continue to cover the redesign of the park but over time expanded the outlook to include – history of the park, events at the park, Greenwich Village, other city issues, other parks, privatization of public space, wildlife in the park, animals in the city, preservation, trees/protection of nature, city agencies (of course, the Parks Department), other blogs, and more!

The decision to redesign this blog – enact my own redesign plan – was because I wanted the site to be a bit broader, more fluid, easier to navigate and view what’s here (there’s a lot – over 900 posts migrated to this site from wordpress.com). I wanted this to be a place to engage and that is engaging.

I hope this blog redesign will accomplish all that and more! As always, thanks for stopping by.

WSP Blog Creator & Editor
October 18, 2012

About me:

A former publicist to rock stars, a community organizer on environmental issues, an aromatherapy entrepreneur, and writer (I’m writing a book!), of the things I do and have done, this blog is probably the most representative of me and the least, all at the same time.


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8 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Carreen,

    So nice!

    Thanks for checking out my blog and your good wishes. Stop by again!

    best wishes to you,

  2. Cathryn,
    Love your March Against Monsanto photos!

    Would you be interested in sharing two or three with me for possible inclusion in my upcoming book “We’re Monsanto: Feeding the World . . . Lie After Lie.”

    Your photos would definitely empower my son and I as we run across the USA in 2014 promoting global Seed Freedom.

    Please let me know!



    P.S. Run With Us!

    • Hi Brett, I hope I wrote back to you but, if not, big apologies and I hope all went well!! Feel free to contact again if you are still involved. best, Cathryn

  3. Cathryn (you will always be Swanny to me!)….saw an article in the Post recently that mentioned “Cathryn Swan” and I just knew it was you! So great to see this blog and that you are doing well (happy big b-day).

    From a Jersey fan,

  4. I just wanted to let you know about my latest book.
    A MATTER OF BREEDING (Beacon Press)
    Much of the ‘research’ was done from Wash Sq Pk where I was in charge of the dog run for several years.

    • Hi Michael, So sorry for delay in response. If you have more info, send it along at the Contact button. It sounds great & apologies for delay! Thanks for writing. Cathryn


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