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Documentation: What was Concealed in Public Statements by Washington Square Park Private Conservancy Founders.

WSP Conservancy Timeline:

Current Series:

CONservancy? Intent to Privatize Washington Square Park Confirmed With Newly Uncovered Documents | NYU “Gift to the Park” Never Revealed to the Public & More: PART I

Bloomberg’s Parks Department to NYC: Privatize! | City Conspires to Legitimize Private Conservancy at Washington Sq Park Before New Mayor Steps In, Withholds Critical Info from Public: PART II

Hot Dog! Private Conservancy Secrets: Food Cart Vendors Vanishing, $5 “Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches” On Way, Mario Batali & More at Washington Sq Park: Part III

Part IV: Documents! What was known yet concealed in Public Statements by Washington Sq Park Conservancy Founders

Part V: The Politics of “Planting Flowers:” Public Statements of Washington Square Park Conservancy Founders Contrast Sharply with 501c3 Documents Filed With New York State

Part VI: Was Manhattan Parks Commish Response to Bill de Blasio, Public Advocate “Concerns” about Private Conservancy at WSP Truthful or Manipulative?

Part VII:
More coming!
Impacts and Influence of Private Conservancies on City Parks:

The Villager: Blogger skewers conservancy over hot dog purge and more

My Huffington Post page:

(This article was written before new information was revealed – the * conservancy * at Washington Square is not set up as the others which run their parks – but that is the ultimate intention, despite the fact that they have publicly denied it.)
Privatization of the Commons in Mayor Bloomberg’s New York – Part I

On Private Conservancy at Washington Square Park from this blog:

Timeline and Analysis of the Path that Led to Community Board 2’s Approval of the Washington Square Park Conservancy, June 27, 2013

Reportback: Community Board 2 Vote on Washington Square Park Conservancy – Part I July 15, 2013

Reportback: Community Board 2 Vote on Washington Sq Park Conservancy, Part II July 28, 2013

Everything ever written here at WSP Blog on private conservancy at Washington Square Park!

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