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  1. Dear Sir/Madam:

    I stumbled upon Washington Square Park while researching beautiful places around NYC. Subsequently, a quick Google search revealed this blog. As your team seems very familiar with all things revolving around this park, I wanted to reach out and inquire into the park’s photography rules.

    I am currently starting a photography business with my partner, Kate Billard, and have a portfolio-building shoot coming up in November. I am providing our clients a list of photo-shoot locations throughout the city to pick from, and I would like to include Washington Square Park. As such, I found your website extremely helpful. It gave me a good understanding of the culture and vibe of the area, and I found a link to the permits required for photography!

    Thank you very much for providing this blog, and I will surely promote it to clients and colleagues in the future.

    Best regards,

    Amy Vadala


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