Who Speaks for the Trees at NYC Parks?

From Rally to Save East River Park Sat.

Aren’t we supposed to be celebrating the trees we have, recognizing trees’ supreme benefits and value? Yet somehow the city continues to want to wield its ax. I got involved in Washington Square Park issues when I learned of the dozens of trees scheduled to be chopped down with the redesign of the park, concerns that construction would harm those that remained. (Later I started this blog to cover the whole plan.) We know about the perpetually dying trees around the fountain and the threat to park trees from the recent/current lawn “restoration.”

Then there is East River Park where 900 mature trees are scheduled to be chopped down – if the city’s plan goes through. The community met repeatedly over the last few years and hatched their own plan which they want enacted. A rally was held Saturday; 400 people marched from Tompkins Square Park to the East River Park. There was a procession and speakers organized by East River Park Action, Sixth Street Community Center, and others.

At Fort Greene Park, the community is fighting to save 83 trees from that planned redesign being pushed for by Parks Commissioner Mitchell Silver (there is a lawsuit underway to stop it).

Who Speaks for the Trees?

Check out this article at Local Ecologist from June:

10 Trees Removed in 2 Years in Washington Square Park

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4 thoughts on “Who Speaks for the Trees at NYC Parks?”

    • Hi Cobb,

      No, missed that. Oh no!

      Thanks for the heads up. It sometimes feels like anything ‘irregular’ (the redesigner and now park administrator is very big on ‘symmetry’) has to go …


  1. Washington Square Park has no respect for its fur and feathered inhabitants and no respect for the trees or remains of trees they depend on for some chance of survival. Pathetic.


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