Community Board 2 Finally Set to Address Latest at Washington Square Park | Meeting Set for July 21st

The New York City Police Department’s Sixth Precinct last month held their now infamous meeting to address issues at Washington Square Park. It was heated and contentious and broke the norm for how issues related to this iconic Greenwich Village park have been handled over the last decade.

Washington Square Park Blog found the fact that the NYPD was taking lead on any issues at the park out of character to how previous issues had been handled. It was concerning, to say the least. Community Board 2 previously held jurisdiction, always. Why this flipped to the NYPD remains curious.

In the 13 years this blog has covered Washington Square Park, the NYPD has never taken lead this way.

WSP Blog has been critical at times regarding the manner the Community Board has addressed issues related to the park; there have, at times, been political factors which come into play. Nonetheless, it’s a process. Bypassing this reflects the scuttling of civilian mechanisms for deriving policy decisions. It leads to the “policing” of a public space.

Community Board Parks Committee Meeting Set for July 21st

Now, a month following that mid-June meeting – which seemed set up to intentionally provoke and inflame matters – the Community Board is stepping up and has scheduled a meeting on Wednesday, July 21st to discuss “the latest plans for enforcing the rules at Washington Square Park and the results to date.”

PARKS/WATERFRONT Rich Caccappolo, Chair
Wed., 7/21 @ 6:30 PM – MS 297, 75 Morton Street, Cafeteria
*Discussion on the latest plans for enforcing the rules at Washington Square Park and the results to date.

Location is 75 Morton Street between Hudson Street and Greenwich Street, Manhattan.

NYPD Previous Meeting Announcements

The manner in which the announcements for last month’s NYPD Sixth Precinct meeting were framed:

“Build the Block”

Previously at Washington Square Park Blog:

A Note from Washington Square Park Blog on the NYPD “Community” meeting June 17, 2021


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