Dog Wilbur has Lived in a Brooklyn Shelter Cage for 4 of his 8 Years – Half his Life

This lovely dog needs a home now


Amazing dog Wilbur has lived half of his 8 year old life in a Brooklyn shelter. That’s four years. This Rottweiler/Beagle mix was originally surrendered as his owner-guardian was having financial issues.

I met Wilbur a few Sundays ago walking with Lee who volunteers every Sunday at this Brooklyn animal rescue. I heard previously from another volunteer that there was a dog who had been at the shelter for three years, and then I met Wilbur. I found out from Lee it has been four years since Wilbur first entered the shelter.

Wilbur is such a sweet dog and knows basic commands; he has some food aggression/hoarding but that can be worked with. He has lived with nine cats! (That alone makes him rate in my book.) He just has been overlooked to date …

No dog should live *four years* in a cage in a shelter. Wilbur needs a loving home.

Can we do this, find Wilbur a home?

Wilbur should live out his life in a loving home. Go Wilbur!

Wilbur is located in Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn at Sean Casey Animal Rescue. If you can visit this Sunday, April 21st, Lee will be there and happy to talk to you, but, of course, you can visit another day.

* * *

Sean Casey Animal Rescue is at 153 East 3rd Street between Caton Avenue and Fort Hamilton Parkway, Brooklyn

(F or G train to Fort Hamilton Parkway) #718.436.5163

Feel free to contact me via the Contact page if you are interested in meeting Wilbur this (or another) Sunday so I can let Lee know. But you can go any day, it does not have to be a Sunday.

Top photo & bottom photo: Sean Casey volunteers

Photo #2, 3, 4, 5: Cathryn

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4 thoughts on “Dog Wilbur has Lived in a Brooklyn Shelter Cage for 4 of his 8 Years – Half his Life”

    • Hi Nancy, thanks for asking. Wilbur is at sort of a rescue/sanctuary. I’m not sure if they also are trying to adopt him out but, if you might be interested, I could find out. Apologies for the delay in response and thanks for inquiring.


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