On Twitter: NYU Quit Appropriating Washington Square Park

This Twitter account “NYU Quit Appropriating Washington Square Park” made me smile. People used to talk about New York University’s influence on this park when I started Washington Square Park Blog and for a number of years after, now I rarely hear anyone do so. So the discovery of this account was a breath of fresh air. Around since 2014, the URL reads “Fordham MBA” so maybe the person behind it switched to NYU later. I feel like too many are so acquiescent now; I am happy to see some push back.

Sample tweets:

“This has been allowed to happen, our parks department failed it’s (sic) citizens, simply allowing a university to steal a park and monument and continually pretend that it’s theirs. Does Fordham steal the Botanical Gardens, or Bronx Zoo, does Columbia rip surrounding parks”

Why has NYU been able to appropriate Washington Square Park?

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