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  1. Conference on Corporate Interference with Science and Health
    March 13th and March 14th
    58 Park Ave @ 38th St. NYC

    The topic of wireless health hazards will be new to some New Yorkers- but the issue
    of cell towers on apartment buildings, wi-fi in schools and wireless devices on public transport and what they are doing to YOUR health begs an immediate national conversation. THE world’s experts will be speaking at this FREE conference in NYC.

  2. Hi Peter,

    The water is I believe regular NYC water which is chlorinated but the water is also supposed to have some kind of disinfectant added to it. Hope that helps.


  3. Hi my name is Kellie, I will proposing to my girlfriend in Washington square park this Wednesday around 3pm. But its my understanding there is an evening event going on that day starting at 6. So my question is will I still be able to access the park at 3 or will the park be closed for the event. I kind of need to know asap BC I’m flying in from Ohio to propose and I need to know if I should work something else out? Can you help me please?

  4. Hi Kellie, so sorry for the delay. So, yes there is an evening event but it only takes over a small part of the Arch and Fountain Plaza. The park itself would never be largely closed. I don’t know what time they start shutting down the Arch area – so if you wanted the Arch that might be tricky but the Fountain and everywhere else will be fine. Good luck!!


  5. Hello Cathryn:

    The WSP is a Magical Park in NYC and I love visiting the Park. I am an amateur photography hobbyist.

    I was wondering if you could throw some light on the rules/policy, if regarding amateur candid photography at the WSP based on my traumatic experience at the Park very recently.

    Sometimes when I capture pictures of the other park visitors and they notice me, I approach them with a smile, show them their pictures and offer to send their pictures to them, if they so fancied. I have made several interesting friends in this manner as well.

    Recently I was at the WSP. A woman park visitor was at the park bench near the Arch, out in the open, in public view. I captured candid pictures of her while I was standing near the fountain without hiding the fact that I was capturing pictures of people out in the open and the place. The woman got upset with me. Immediately two Parks and Rec personnel in uniform descended upon me and rudely insisted that I ought to have sought the woman’s permission first. I politely tried to highlight that this was a public park and that I captured the pictures of someone who was also in full public view in a public place. However, out of courtesy to the offended woman, I apologized to her and I was trying to delete the pictures, while I am fully aware of my rights as a photographer in a public park in NYC. The Parks and Rec got impatient, threatened to call the NYPD and forcibly took my camera. They personally deleted the pictures from my camera after I showed them how to do delete them. After they handed over my camera back to me, they escorted me out of the park and made sure I crossed the street and asked me not to enter the park.

    I have been traumatized ever since. The next day I posted a 311 service request by email on the NYC GOV website briefly explaining the episode.No one has replied to me yet. While I do not wish to take recourse to the law in this matter, I would love to hear your views on my experience and advise me if I did wrong or I have been wronged based on the above episode. This would help me during my future visits, if any, to the WSP.

    Thanks much,

  6. Hi Cathryn, I was wondering if you deliberately didn’t choose to reply to my questions about amateur candid photography at the WSP. I am still awaiting a response for my service request to the NYC Parks and Rec.

  7. Hi CV, I’m so sorry. I was working very intently on a project for the last 3 weeks and of course would have liked to respond sooner. I’m so sorry for what you went through. So, you did write to the Parks Department? Thanks. Would love to help or offer some feedback.


  8. Cathryn:
    Thank you. Yes, I wrote to the Parks Department and their Counsel reached out to me. Apparently, the concerned Parks staff were new and they have now been re-trained. They have advised me that I was perfectly within my rights to take the pictures I was taking. They regretted the whole incident and have resolved the issue to my satisfaction.

  9. Hi CV,

    Glad to hear the update. I did think the Parks Department would be responsive. Although I can be (and have been) critical of them at times, certain items like this they tend to be responsive to. I am glad it was solved to your satisfaction. Good that you followed through on it and I do apologize again for the delay in response. Please feel free to contact me any time with any questions.


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