Integral Yoga Natural Foods Closing After 45 Years | West 13th Street Won’t be the Same

Integral Yoga was my go-to “health food” store when I lived 3 1/2 blocks away on Hudson Street. Tho’ I don’t get there as often now, I have always loved going into this West 13th Street “natural foods” store. It feels like “home.” You know how there are some stores that have what you “need” but they are just too sanitized, too bright, too white, too everything…? Integral Yoga has always been a comfortable, even comforting experience, to enter and shop in for organic produce, items in bulk, makeup, personal care, vitamins, delicious hot lunches, and so much more. And now the West 13th Street location is closing after 45 years – “by December 23rd.” The store made the announcement on Tuesday on their Facebook page. They thanked customers for their “part in the launching of the natural foods movement. Now organic and plant-based natural foods are everywhere.” There is a Whole Foods at Union Square, which likely impacted them, the reference to “big corporate chains” in the announcement. They wrote: “The space will be made available for rent.” It sounds like they own the building.

I will add in some photos of the actual store. West 13th and the West Village won’t be the same. Very sad.

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