Uncle Sam’s Closing, Moving from W. 8th Street After 20 Years on the Block

Other Spots on the Beleaguered Strip Now Vacant: Il Bambino, Mountain Side Craft

Uncle Sam’s Army-Navy Store at 37 West 8th Street will be closing at the end of this month after 20 years on the block. The store told WSP Blog that they will be moving to a new location and are “working on bigger and better – TBA.” On Instagram, it was noted that it was “a high rent increase” leading to their departure.

Uncle Sam’s is in the old beloved PosterMat space. Susan Brown, who runs the shop, told WSP Blog she thought Uncle Sam’s used the original sign. It does look the same … just different words. (Time line for that store… 1980s to mid-1990s? Curiously, PosterMat has no presence or photos online.)

The store is having a big sale with up to 90% off. Uncle Sam’s did not seem at risk, after so much time. However, the landlords (and the BID – Business Improvement District) on that block are looking for high end, and have been for awhile. With that expectation, sadly, comes large rent increases. Loyalty and character somehow become less interesting, despite the blandification of … everything.

Other 8th Street closings:

Il Bambino, across the street, which had a nice $5 wine at Happy Hour, closed on June 30th. A note on the door begins: “It is with great sorrow and a sunken heart that we must announce that after 2 years, Il Bambino will be closing its doors for business.. Unfortunately, as amazing as the food is and as warm and friendly was our service, the business simply wasn’t profitable enough to keep the doors open.”

But what was the rent? Who can afford these rents?

Their original Astoria location remains open.

Also, Mountain Side Craft on the northern side of the street recently closed.

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Photos: Cathryn

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2 thoughts on “Uncle Sam’s Closing, Moving from W. 8th Street After 20 Years on the Block”

  1. Hi Cathryn just a quick note I remember Postermat as having originally opening on the south side of the street east of McDougal Street. In the area of where the set back stores are. That run of stores had been remodeled and were new back in the late 60s.. I can smell the incense burning now. Best a loyal reader and 3rd generation villager Kevin D

    • Hi Kevin D,

      Thanks for writing. Now that you mention that, I think I had heard that about the switch in PosterMat location … thanks for that information. Nice to think of those stores new in the 60s. Love the remembrance of smelling of the incense!

      Thanks for being a loyal reader and writing in and keeping the memories *alive*.



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