The Washington Square Christmas Tree Has Arrived! | #GivingTuesday Support Your Local Blogger

The holiday tree arrived at Washington Square Park Monday morning from Vermont, 45 feet tall almost reaching the top of the historic Arch! (Okay, not really…) Currently un-decorated and looking like it may have had a rough trek from New England (a few branches looking bedraggled last night in the rain), the Christmas tree will be decorated and lit on Wednesday, December 5th!

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Photos: Cathryn

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4 thoughts on “The Washington Square Christmas Tree Has Arrived! | #GivingTuesday Support Your Local Blogger”

  1. oh, it looks really beautiful!
    I wish I was in the States for the holiday season, last year was so nice, I miss all the places and the ambiente..

    anyway, thanks for the post! 🙂


  2. Hello from Marblehead, Ma! Didn’t get to visit NYC during the holiday season but visiting this Thursday, the 10th. Will the Christmas tree under the arch be still up? Thanks!


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