The Scene: Late Summer Washington Square (Photos)


Spot the sparrows
Spot the sparrows

I wondered if there were any black squirrels left in the park. I hadn’t seen one in a long time and then I saw one yesterday! Can you find her on this tree?
Quiet Northwest Quadrant after all the recent drama:
Hangman’s Elm NW – no updates on the its status in over four years. Still hanging on… the redesign construction put the 300-plus year old tree’s life in jeopardy.
I never noticed this surveillance camera until I looked closer at this picture (along the northwest path):
Notice how empty the fountain plaza is, below, on a summer day? The lack of trees/shade (since more than half have died) and the hot marble benches make the redesigned space a sadly unwelcoming spot and looking like a corporate mall.
One of the (four) missing tree pits where trees have been repeatedly planted and died around the fountain plaza …this is due to the Bloomberg era redesign which does not allow proper drainage; arborists have weighed in saying they are being planted improperly:
Park Enforcement Patrol (PEP) near the Arch…
Sparrows and Echinachea:
The view looking west:
The hills are alive along Washington Square North:
Chess Plaza (July – but wanted to get this shot in there!)chess-plaza-late-july-2016-washington-square-park
Bonus picture:

Last week after the Hootenanny (18th), there was a performance on the grass using flashlights near the Mounds. It was packed!
Photos: Cathryn

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3 thoughts on “The Scene: Late Summer Washington Square (Photos)”

  1. Hey, where are all the drug dealers, nodding users, unsavory sleepovers and crack vials and hypos on the floor?
    The NW quadrant has been cleaned up, some migrated to the SW, park enforcement needs to be more mobilized, stepped up a bit. Good job 6th precinct thus far, more needs to be done.
    Especially for the sake of all our kids. We need to take back our beautiful park!!!


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