Social Experiment Tests Park Users’ Reactions to Abandoned Girl, Boy, Dog & Cat: Who got Helped First & Who was Ignored?

Mrs. Parberry the Cat on Washington Square Park Bench Social Experiment Daily Mail
Mrs. Parberry the Cat on a Washington Square Park Bench

From the Daily Mail:

It’s the middle of the day in Manhattan’s bustling Washington Square Park.

At different points in the landmark thoroughfare, placed two children – a six-year-old boy and girl – as well as a dog and a cat, as part of a social experiment.

All four were being monitored by carers and secretly filmed.

So who do you think was the first to be ‘rescued’ by a stranger in the least amount of time alone?

To be fair to your instincts on this one, the cat, Mrs. Parberry (her name makes the story that much better) was not left in the open on a park bench; she was placed in a dark mesh carrier on the ground.

They timed how long it took for each to be noticed – a little girl, a little boy, a cat and a dog. Who was noticed and who was ignored?

To find out the answers, visit the Daily Mail.

It is a bit shocking that no one responded to the little one who was ignored and even called out to people.

Is this a ‘fair’ experiment? Did you guess right? Were you surprised?


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