The Fountain Plumes Cascade Again (for the most part)

The fountain at Washington Square began spouting its famous plumes again last week (April 30) shortly after I wrote wondering when this would occur. This happened earlier than usual, going by the last few years (although some years back, someone told me that it used to come on when the water fountains were activated at the park which was typically around mid-March).
fountain washington square park
fountain washington square park
fountain washington square park
If you are not up to speed with the saga of the missing side plumes (or jets), click here. Two years ago, the fountain plumes returned after going missing (i.e., malfunctioning) for a number of years. Now a few of them are again struggling.

The fountain was reconstructed in this new location as part of the Bloomberg Administration’s redesign of the park and debuted in 2009, having been moved 22 feet east to “align” with the Arch (whether that was really successful is another story). This work entailed moving numerous water lines underneath the Fountain Plaza.

plume washington square park fountain
Struggling plume
plumeless jet fountain washington square park
plumeless jet
jet washington square park fountain


garibaldi statue washington square park sunset
Garibaldi at sunset
arch washington square park led lighting
Arch New Led Lighting

Photos: Cathryn

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