Donate to Help Search for “East Village Four” Missing Cats from Fire

Raise Money Rescue East Village Fire Missing Cats
East Village Rescue Missing Cats Go Fund Me as of May 1 2:30 p.m.

A group of New Yorkers has been working behind-the-scenes to find the four remaining cats missing after the East Village fire/explosion and has set up this GoFundMe site to raise $244 for four night vision cameras to track the cats who may have escaped behind the site of the fire.

$61 has already been raised and contributed by Ryce’s family – one camera can be purchased now. $183 to go!

Please contribute at GoFundMe.

Read why this will help from the page:

In the month since the explosion that destroyed three East Village buildings at 2nd Avenue and 7th Street in New York City, eight cats were missing. Four, thankfully, were found. But four cats remain missing.

Their owner/guardians refuse to give up hope that their beloved pets may have escaped the fire and are now in deep hiding in the many gardens, courtyards and stairwells of the block bounded by 3rd Avenue on the west and St. Marks Place to the north. We, a group of concerned animal lovers, are mounting an aggressive search for the four cats. Sylvie, Leatherface and Sago lived in the now demolished Nos. 119-123 2nd Avenue and Ryce in the damaged but still standing No. 125.

Two humane traps have been set up behind No. 125 and an adjacent backyard, but animal rescue experts strongly suggest the installation of a “wildlife camera” to take motion-activated photographs of cats in the vicinity. Your contribution will go directly towards the purchase of four Stealth Cam digital scouting cameras. Each camera is $61.00 from Amazon. This is the model we will be buying:

The victims of the fire are traumatized and struggling to return to some semblance of normality. We can’t restore their lost or damaged homes, but we can give them—and ourselves—the satisfaction that everything that is being done to locate their pets After the cameras are no longer needed on the 7th Street block, we will donate them to an animal rescue organization such as City Critters.


DONATE HERE: Rescue Cats Lost from Second Ave. Fire at Go Fund Me

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  1. Yes, we are still looking for the remaining missing cats. We have put cat traps out. The cameras will really help.


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