NY1 carrying Mayor Bloomberg's consenting-to-hear-the-people Live NOW

Updated 2 p.m. — Public comment ended a little before 2 p.m.  The Mayor signed the extension of term limits bill stating “I feel at this point the public should have a choice.”  Of choosing him, he means.  A NY1 commentator said that the testimony was “split” between for and against but I doubt that highly.  It seemed very much leaning against and people were quite passionate.  More on that later.

Updated 12:15 p.m. — If you get a chance to tune in to NY1, the public testimony is still going on and it is beyond fascinating to watch and listen to people telling it like it is face-to-face to Mayor Bloomberg. Part of me could not bear the idea of speaking before the King holding court which is how I felt it would be. So I chose not to testify today. Apparently, it is so crowded that people are being brought in 5 at a time (not sure if sound is piped in outside the main room…?) so connections between people with similar views can’t be made as Mika Nagasaki from Coalition to Protect Chinatown and Lower East Side pointed out. Ms. Nagasaki spoke eloquently about displacement and the problems with the rezoning being pushed by Mayor Bloomberg in her neighborhood. She couldn’t even imagine one more year of our billionaire Mayor. I feel the same.

The New York Times (which is not live blogging this one) has a story up about what’s transpired thus far.

10:15 a.m. — The public hearing before Mayor Bloomberg is going on now at City Hall, having begun at 9:30 a.m. in the Blue Room prior to our CEO Mayor signing the overturning term limits into legislation. (There’s little chance the Mayor will veto this bill he courted so heavily and manipulated circumstances around so unethically.)

It seems like the king is holding court.

You can watch it LIVE on NY1 or catch it via their web site here.

Mr. Bloomberg is surrounded by six MEN, three on each side, and at this point we are hearing from City Council Members and other elected officials.

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