In Bloom: Mid-Summer, Multi-Colored Wildflowers at Washington Square Park

Scenes from the park

At times, people act as if there were no flowers pre-redesign – which took place late 2007-2014+ – but the park had many nice flowers and plantings. There was a lovely tulip bed to the Northeast of the Arch which was destroyed and not brought back. These flowers pictured here are beautiful, including the echinacea. The choices of greenery at the park, particularly in the center of the four quadrants (former Park Admin Sarah Neilson always referred to these as ‘partiers’) and areas near them, sometimes seems a bit curious. I’m not sure what the gardener is going for. Have you noticed this?

Photos: Cathryn

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3 thoughts on “In Bloom: Mid-Summer, Multi-Colored Wildflowers at Washington Square Park”

  1. All the gardens in WSP are meticulously maintained by a very dedicated, talented and small crew of professionals. Guy and his team do an amazing and thoughtful job. Sadly we lost Duane he left after he was attacked by one of the miscreant druggies who are allowed to occupy the park. Amazing garden work considering they need to step careful to avoid hypodermic needles. Give the crew thanks when you see them, they do amazing work !

    • Bravo indeed to the Gardeners, they work under such adverse conditions: needles, trash, human waste and who knows what else.
      When will the park be rid of all the drug sellers and users and made pleasant for all park goers ? Are our elected representatives listening???

    • The park has always been beautiful. There will be differing opinions on how some things are handled, of course. Sorry to hear that about Duane who I don’t think was a licensed or certified gardener but I know worked hard. Thanks for your comment and input!

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