Washington Square Park Seen Through the Lens of the Storied Village Voice

Village Voice Guide Map Washington Square 1962
The Village Voice, founded in 1955, sadly shuttered its print publication on September 21, 2017, only continuing its online version until late August 2018. However, on Twitter, there is still some entity promoting its content.

At this Voice link, you can visit the “Practical Man’s Guide to Washington Square Park,” posted recently in June 2019, pointing to an archive of choice Voice articles referencing the park. The map itself is from August 2, 1962. Yet, the use of the words “practical man’s guide” does seem to refer back to at least 1955!

The map above shows the route “to pigeons,” “to uptown,” “to Judson Church,” “to Chock Full,” and … “to Nowhere.”

Check the link to features, there is a lot of good content.

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