A Note From Washington Square Park Blog Editor

For the seven years of the park’s redesign, Washington Square Park Blog covered all aspects of that status, with continual updates on each of the phases (4), the costs, the delays, the controversies.

Over the last five years, WSP Blog has tracked the dubious creation of a private conservancy, uncovered secret documents by the conservancy founders, and brought light to what the community wants, not the privatizers (those who would like to see this special public space privatized) and those in the Parks Department, who sadly chose to be deceitful.

This blog has championed Washington Square Park’s musicians, performers, artists, personalities, wildlife, history, and the park’s eclectic and unique nature over the City’s attempts to rein it in these last ten years.

This is the tenth year this site has continued to break stories, inform, and raise awareness to issues related to Washington Square Park, public space, Greenwich Village & NYC.

If you appreciate the work of Washington Square Park Blog and would like this site to be able to continue, please show your support of independent media by making a donation today. Thank you.

Cathryn Swan
Editor, Washington Square Park Blog


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