28 best NYC neighborhood blogs of 2017 – Yes, WSP Blog is one! Via Brick Underground

gal with computer bloggingWho doesn’t welcome an accolade? Brick Underground released its annual list: 28 best NYC neighborhood blogs of 2017. Washington Square Park Blog is happy to again be included. Brick Underground, with its focus on “Real Estate. Real Life. Real New York,” writes of their choices:

Every year, we dig through the city’s hyper-local news outlets to highlight the best and brightest of NYC’s neighborhood blogs. And with more and more New York-centric news sources shrinking or simply shuttering, these small-scale, bootstrap operations play a more vital role than ever in keeping New Yorkers informed, entertained, and generally as in-the-know as we expect (or demand) to be.

And about Washington Square Park Blog:

Move farther west and you’ll find Washington Square Park Blog, an all-purpose neighborhood outlet that was originally created as a forum for debate over a proposed park redesign back in 2008. And while it covers a wider variety of local news these days, the blog still stays true to its original mission—hence a recent story blaming the re-design for excess flooding in the park. NB: Like many smaller outlets, Washington Square Park Blog relies on reader support, and has set up a donation page if you feel inclined to give.

Check out the other NYC blogs on the list here! It’s nice to be in such good company, and learn of some new interesting sites. I am sure there are other great NYC blogs to learn about. There is always more to absorb, different perspectives to consider. Thanks, Brick Underground!

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