Fountain Plaza, Washington Square Park, Spring 2015

Fountain Plaza Washington Square Park Greenwich Village
Fountain Plaza Washington Square Park

When will the fountain get turned on for the season this year? Last year, I speculated about when the fountain would start whooshing water. It has varied from year to year; the average time seems to be in the vicinity of mid-May. Last year, the jets were turned on just before Memorial Day.

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Photo from yesterday: Cathryn

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4 thoughts on “Fountain Plaza, Washington Square Park, Spring 2015”

  1. the water fountains in the dog run were slowing today for the first time.

    There was standing water in the big park fountain but no spray.

  2. Thanks, Dan!

    I am now getting reports the fountain was turned on so maybe it was on intermittently earlier and on now. Thanks for writing!


  3. Hi Umi,

    The main fountain is on every day. I am not sure what time it gets turned on – it should be on by 8 a.m. and is technically supposed to go off around 11 p.m. I am not sure what the specific hours are! The dog run fountains are run separately but I think you are probably interested in the main fountain at the park in its (close to) center. The fountain comes on in the spring (mid may on average) is on through the summer and gets turned off typically early fall.

    Hope this helps!



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