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The park was packed over the weekend. Many of the lawns were closed due to re-seeding of the grass.
This made it seem extremely crowded. This picture was supposed to show the fountain area but actually showcases how out of place those two NYU buildings, Bobst Library and Kimmel Center, are bordering the park on Washington Sq South.
The Bloomberg Administration Parks Department initially removed the “Mounds” in their redesign “plan.” Former Council Member Alan Gerson and a group of activists fought for their inclusion – and won. And now the Mounds are the biggest hit. It looks like they work for children and the adults alike as it has become a place to socialize.

The Mounds
The Mounds

The anti-street harassment rally took place on Saturday. There was music, speakers, and instruction in self defense/role playing. I caught up with it at the end; it appeared to be well attended.
Pianist Colin Huggins at the east end of the park and people watching – and dancing:

Rehearsal on lawn, Arch in background
Rehearsal on lawn, Arch in background

I am not sure exactly what was taking place here in the alcove on the Northeast side. These men were learning something. Notice the difference in character of the buildings on Washington Square North in background.

Cherry Picker for LED lighting being installed
Cherry Picker for LED lighting being installed at the Arch during week

Have you noticed these recently installed park signs along the fences? They are amusing in parts (not purposefully), well done in others. (More on this to come.)
Photos: Cathryn

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  1. Wonderful Weekend Update! I had been wondering why there was a Cherrypicker at the north end. When I passed through the park it just seemed to be parked. Now it makes sense.


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