John Leguizamo Tells Kathie Lee & Hoda on “Today:” My Wife Is “Trying to Save Washington Square Park” — Really?

John Leguizamo tells hosts Washington Square Park needs “saving”

John Leguizamo appeared on NBC’s “Today” Show yesterday morning with hosts Kathie Lee and Hoda to promote his current animated film, “Walking with Dinosaurs,” to which he contributes the voice of one of the characters.

During the interview, Kathie Lee, out of the blue, asks, “Doesn’t your wife have a whole Conservancy thing?”

John, looking surprised but pleased, says “Yes, she does. Thank you for bringing that up.”

Kathie Lee: “She cares a lot about the environment.”

John: “Yeah, she’s trying to save Washington Square Park.”

Kathie Lee: “Okay….” (pause) “Is that what you teach your children?”

John: “To save the park? Yeah. To save everything.”

Curious – this is news to basically everyone that Washington Square Park needs “saving.” It’s my impression what the park needs saving from in 2014 is the private conservancy which has lied to the public about its intentions and of which John’s wife, Justine, is one of the founding members (tho’ she was brought on later in the game).

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Thanks to Joanne M. for this tip! 

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