Pretty in Pink! — Catch the Return of the Friendship Lights at Washington Square Tonight Friday 6 p.m. as “Friend of the Friendless” Reappears

Earlier this month, I wrote of my experience witnessing the Friendship Lights mysteriously placed on pathways and benches at Washington Square Park. Since that time, the self-dubbed “Friend of the Friendless” has not been back to the park. However, a second chance will occur later today, Friday, October 25th at 6 p.m. so, now, with some advance notice, you can have the same experience! Come to the park and keep your eyes open — and think Pink!

The “Friend of the Friendless” was inspired by an episode of “I Love Lucy” when she thinks all her friends have forgotten her birthday. You can watch part of the episode here. According to Jack, Friendship Lights’ creator, the earlier part of that episode takes place in a park where Lucy gathers her new friends.

Info for tonight from Jack of Friendship Lights:

Meet amazing people and hear their stories as I place over 100 Friendship Lights throughout Washington Square Park tomorrow Friday October 25th at 6 PM.

Come and be a part of the experience:

Where: Washington Square Park

When: Tomorrow, Friday October 25th starting at 6 P.M. 

Previously at WSP Blog:

With a Bit of Mystery and Magic, “Friendship Lights Program” Debuts and Brightens at Washington Square Park October 3, 2013

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