Are you Missing a Brown Tabby Cat? Found at 13th and Sixth, Manhattan


This cat was found at 13th Street and Sixth Avenue about eleven days ago, and, despite signs up all over the surrounding area, no one has claimed her yet. She is female and friendly – a grey brown tabby – and thankfully now has a foster home. Thanks to Scott who looked out for her! If you know whoever her guardian is, please contact Scott at (Note: “Proof of ownership required.”)

Of course, I was a little amused at where this “missing” flyer was posted — right over a “The City of NY is selling Naming Rights to the Washington Square Arch” flyer! (Some people took these quite seriously. At this point it’s satire.)

And good luck to this kitty! I have heard of cats traveling quite far away from their homes and it’s also possible she was ‘discarded’ but I hope not. She ran into the right person tho’ as Scott has assured that she is safe.

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