My Book — Tales of Washington Square Park (and a few other places) — Out Now

There are probably only a few people who have read every entry on this blog over the last five and a half years … and there is also something nice about having a print version of stories. We absorb things and ideas in print in a different way when we hold a book in our hands (vs. viewing on our computers). This small book/zine I’ve written is perfect for the subway, the beach, in the park.

Tales of Washington Square Park (and a few other places), is a snapshot of thirteen (I’ve just updated it and added one more!) of my favorite blog entries.

Of course, it primarily contains stories of Washington Square but I also touch on Bryant Park, Madison Square Park, and… Asbury Park! That’s the one I just added in because I felt it tied together some of the themes (you’ll have to peruse the book to figure out why!).

Stories include:

Why was the fountain moved 23 feet east to line up with the Arch at Fifth Avenue after 137 years in its previous location?

Did cars really run through the Arch?

What is the story behind the “Hangman’s” elm at the park?

Why did Henry James hate the Arch?

Answers to these questions are in the book as well as other pieces addressing the history of the park, personalities, nature, privatization of public space, the park’s redesign, and more!

From Eleanor Roosevelt, Jane Jacobs, Bob Dylan, Dave Chappelle to today, Washington Square Park remains the heart of Greenwich Village. It is a constant reminder of the magical commons in the midst of the privatized city.

It’s self-published by my own publishing company, B-girl Books. Buying a copy for yourself or a friend is a nice way to support the blog and this blogger!

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