Dojo’s Restaurant — Previously on “Death Watch” — To Remain? | Now Closed and Under Construction

It’s typically not a good sign when a restaurant goes under renovations. And Greenwich Village mainstay, Dojo Restaurant, was previously on ‘Death Watch,’ but signs posted on the West 4th Street space earlier today make the situation sound promising.

The location is now under construction and signs on the windows state:

“Dear Dojo Customers:

We will be closed temporarily from August 5th, 2013 till September 2013 due to renovations. WE WILL REOPEN so please stay tuned!! We apologize about the inconvenience. We look forward to seeing you then!!!

Dojo Restaurant.

Let’s hope when September rolls around that Dojo’s is still there. (I tried calling later in the day but no answer so right now hoping for the best…)

Department of Buildings Work Permit says: Alteration Type 2 – Gen. Constr. Interior Non-structural demolition in cellar of existing restaurant. No change to use, occupancy, or means of egress.

Dojo’s before:

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2 thoughts on “Dojo’s Restaurant — Previously on “Death Watch” — To Remain? | Now Closed and Under Construction”

  1. I have been standing by waiting to see DoJos reopen but here we are in late April of 2014 and still nothing. I loved this place it is where I spent my youth having a beer at the bar a soy burger with friends. I am sad at the very thought of it disappearing for good the way BBQ’s on University and 8th did.

  2. Hi Roe,

    You just reminded me that I meant to update this and write a new post on it! I walked by… maybe a month ago or less and it was reopened! It looked pretty nice and was very crowded. Have you gone by?



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