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Recent stories of interest:

* If you were looking for a primer on NYU’s proposed expansion, check out this NYU Local piece: How NYU Plans to Expand in the Village: The Struggle for the SuperBlocks

* Corruption behind the scenes of the High Line — From The New York World: High Line builder showered city officials with forbidden gifts – and pays no price

* This Crain’s NY Business title isn’t 100% accurate; the Rudin/St. Vincent’s plan still needs to be approved by the City CouncilSt. Vincent’s redevelopment gets green light

* Washington Square Hotel on Waverly Turns 110 via PR Newswire

* Remembering the Tiffany Diner on Sixth Avenue; now a Bank of America Vanishing New York

* City Council Holding Hearing Monday January 30th on Safety in NYC Parks (public participation invited) from A Walk in the Park Blog

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2 thoughts on “Nearby In the Media …”

  1. Great, many thanks.

    How about this from the Jan 25 Downtown Express: “NYU takes heat on school and open space at hearings”

    One quote struck me: “Annette Evans recalled that NYU promised to build a school in 1954, again in 1960, and yet again in the late 1970s.”

    Wondering: what did NYU get (for not building a school)? how much did the city give NYU, and the city still got no school? why was no school ever built? (and why no one thinks nyu will build one “now” (in 25 years).

    Some of the quotes from the hearings sound similar to the promises made by Atlantic Yards…


  2. Hi. I knew there was at least one time NYU promised to build a school but didn’t realize it was SO many times. It’s quite astounding how they got away with that. The fact that no school was ever built and how this further illustrates a string of broken promises seems to me to indicate that it’s about time they do whatever the community wants and not just think about themselves and their corporate image and dollar signs.

    So true re: Atlantic Yards (another astounding and sad ‘case’).

    Thanks for your comments.



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