Occupy Town Square Comes to WSP for Kick-Off Event Sunday, January 29th


Well, first, Occupy Wall Street came to WSP for a General Assembly, then we had our own Occupy Washington Square group (which I would have liked to see last a bit longer, but fizzled out around the time Zuccotti Park got raided) …

Next up: Occupy Town Square which is choosing Washington Square as the site of its first event this coming Sunday, January 29th from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. The group has been flyering at the Park lately, even in the snow (see above!), to get the word out.

Interviews with the organizers and more information coming later today or tomorrow

Update: Will write more post-event. It’ll be fun with talks, community, yoga, performances, music, comedy, workshops on social justice and animal rights issues, and more! Swing on by —

Here’s a brief description:

On January 29th, join us at the first OWS “Town Square” in Washington Square Park. In the coming months, pop-up Town Squares will bring the spirit of Zuccotti Park to parks, community centers, and other spaces around New York City. There will be info tables, teach-ins, trainings, political discussions, speeches, and assemblies. Come share your ideas and stories, learn, argue, debate, coordinate, collaborate!

Hopefully the Arch will remain un-barricaded. (Occupy the Arch?)

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