New Hawk on The Scene Over the Weekend – That is, Until Violet Found Out

Visiting juvenile hawk in the park

Over the weekend, there was a new hawk in town! A juvenile, according to Heather at Roger_Paw blog who has been photographing and reporting back non-stop on the three Washington Square Red-tailed hawks, Violet, Bobby & Pip. Young Pip seems to have flown the coop – as was expected. Apparently, the juveniles typically move on from their birth site, fly south around Fall Migration, and then may return but likely to another location ? I hope I have that right.
This brown & white speckled hawk was here over the weekend September 10th and 11th. On the 11th, Mama Hawk Violet returned and told the visitor to move on.


There’s some great photos of the interaction between Violet & the visitor at Roger_Paw blog from Sunday the 11th. On the 10th, mystery hawk had the Park to himself.

Washington Square Squirrel Keeps an eye on Visiting Hawk

It’s unlikely this hawk will return after Violet, in no uncertain terms, expressed her displeasure but … we’ll see.

All Photos: Heather at Roger_Paw Blog

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