Washington Square Park Eastern Side Opens Today!


Looking West Towards the Fountain
Pathway headed East from the Fountain
Garibaldi Plaza Stage
Costa Nicholas, first musician to grace Garibaldi Stage !
Playground Opens
Little Girl in the Playground
Some Tiles Salvaged from "Teen Plaza" in Playground
Two Men Chatting on the NorthEast Side
North East Quadrant
Small Dog Run on Wash Square South
Strange little alcove along Washington Square South
And, of course, The Arch (not part of Phase II)

The Eastern Side of Park – under construction for oh so long – opened today and people seem ecstatic to reclaim this large swatch (swath?) of New York City public space. I realized how much I missed the East Side. It was the end of the park I knew better than the Western end. No commentary today – just pictures! And the fountainout from under repair, is on!

Post from earlier today has more details on Phase II specifics and what’s taken so long, how much it cost, what some of the issues have been around the 20 months of construction and park’s redesign.

Commentary and thoughts on Washington Square Park Redesign: Phase II-A’s unveiling coming Monday, June 6thTuesday, June 7th!

Photos: Cathryn

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7 thoughts on “Washington Square Park Eastern Side Opens Today!”

  1. Costa, Nice meeting you too and you are welcome! Sorry that what your unique, sweet sign said didn’t come out in the shot.

    Hope it went well.

    Thanks for stopping by the blog!


  2. What a complete waste of money and time. And the new dog run is right next to the street..so stupid. The people who did this should be ashamed. And now the fountain had to be redone! The contractors went broke and the park doesnt look any different or better 4 years later.. A TRAVESTY!

  3. Georgia, Hi! Yes, would love to hear your feedback. Thanks re: NYT shout-out! That was really nice and unexpected.


    I know that it’s hard to imagine in a budget crunch and with the Parks Dept. having to cut back basic services (not to mention fire departments, police, libraries, senior centers, homeless services, and more) that they wouldn’t have scaled it all back some. Although we know much of it didn’t need to be done to begin with (moving the dog runs, shrinking the alcoves, losing the elevated Teen Plaza, cutting those two amazing trees down by Garibaldi, have no idea what’s up with the petanque court..). The Eastern end was pretty amazing as it was – it just needed to be upgraded.

    I’m going to write a post on this. The park looks pretty but whether that money and time as you say needed to be expended is another question.

    Thanks for your comment!


  4. The park looks pretty and all, but rather generic and bland. It’s really lost some spirit and character. It could be AnyPark USA now.

  5. Angela,

    Interesting observation. It *has* lost some spirit and character while, as you say, being “pretty and all.”

    Hopefully it retained enough from the ‘past’ – tho’ so much was obliterated – that it will retain the ‘special.’

    Thanks for your comment!



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