New Entry Tomorrow!

Yes, I usually update on Monday but new entry coming Tuesday! I went to the NY City Council Parks Committee hearing on Artificial Turf and Rubber “Safety Surface” Mats today. Most interesting. More on that and my response to Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe coming regarding his letter to me re: Washington Square Park. Stay tuned!

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2 thoughts on “New Entry Tomorrow!”

  1. When will the park open? Why is there no work going on? The northwest quadrand has been finished for six months or more but remains fenced off.

  2. Joe,

    Good question! Although the fountain area is not finished, they could open the (finished) quadrant around it. But then… how would they unveil its ‘beauty’ all at the same time? (insert slight bit of sarcasm.)

    There’s still no word on exactly when that area will open. When I know, I will post it!

    Thanks for writing.

    WSP Blog.


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