Did you hear about this? Bloomberg handouts to Wall Street workers…

Vanishing New York has the story about CEO Mayor Bloomberg’s handouts to Wall Street “Financial Services and Information Technology ” workers:

[Bloomberg] is launching “a program along with the
Partnership for New York City aimed at helping out-of-work financial services workers recreate themselves. It includes a website, incubator space for startups, and $3 million to leverage a $10 million angel fund that will help new businesses get off the ground.” …

What about the countless small businessmen and women whose livelihoods were destroyed by Bloomberg’s urban renewal plans over the past 10 years? Those “non-professional” people who were running 2nd and 3rd-generation shops. They weren’t paying down million-dollar mortgages on luxury condos, ordering bottle service, and running up tabs at Bergdorf’s–they were supporting their families and paying the rent. Where was Bloomberg’s charity then?

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