Similarities between Michael R. Bloomberg and George W. Bush

Now that we have a new President on his way, we will be able to put behind, hopefully, the climate of individualism and fear fostered by President George W. Bush. A philosophy NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg shares when you think about it.

* For Mike Bloomberg, it’s all about the individual, not community — as he repeatedly ignores community wishes across New York City’s five boroughs in order to boost landlord and developer profits and real estate values.

* For Mike Bloomberg, it’s about the corporations taking over blocks and blocks, borough by borough vs. maintaining – and fostering – vibrant and diverse neighborhoods.

* For Mike Bloomberg, it’s about instilling fear. The latest use of this being his proclamation that without him, under this economic crisis, New York City cannot survive. Democracy must be sacrificed in order for him to save us.

I am hopeful that with President Barack Obama, himself, as we all know at this point, once a “community organizer,” that community will become important again and Mayor Mike will have a very hard time pushing his agenda. And just maybe, we’ll see our billionaire Mayor follow George W. Bush out of office in 2009.

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