Nighttime Late July Washington Square Park [Photos]

NYPD under Arch
Trees in Bloom
NYPD vehicles under Arch
New Tree Fountain Plaza
NYPD, fountain in background
Expanded barricades by the Arch

The NYPD greatly expanded the barricades that ‘protect’ them from the public around the Arch.

Barricades at closed off NW corner entrance to the park

Photos from last week.

Hope to update on last week’s Community Board meeting about the park shortly.

Photos: Cathryn

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2 thoughts on “Nighttime Late July Washington Square Park [Photos]”

  1. Remember those days when cops would walk the beat?
    If there is an actual problem at night, why not just have them walk around the park – instead of cloistering them behind barricades so they can play video games on their phones undisturbed? Who is making these decisions??

    • Seriously. Excellent points, SK. And good question as to who is making these decisions… we’re told one thing but unclear what is the truth.



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