Free Britney Movement Returns to Washington Square Park As Fans Rally to Support Pop Star in Court

Activists Rallied Worldwide Wednesday to Support Britney Spears’s Quest for Freedom, Explosive Statements in Court

Free Britney at the Arch

Updated – Fans and activists gathered in Washington Square Park on Wednesday (6/23) in support of pop star Britney Spears as she presented her case to a Los Angeles court to regain control of her life.

Ms. Spears revealed disturbing facts about how a 13-year conservatorship put in place by her father Jamie has become “abusive” to her.

Fans around the world held rallies to support the pop superstar’s efforts for freedom.

The conservatorship was first put in place by Jamie Spears in early 2008. Just prior to this, Ms. Spears, in her mid-twenties, was being pursued nonstop by paparazzi, had two very young children and had gone through a contentious divorce. Some of her actions were considered erratic.

Public sympathy was lacking in understanding.

At the time, Ms. Spears was denied the chance to object to the conservatorship. Spear’s father requested that the judge deny her the standard five day notice. The judge agreed. The performer was not allowed to retain her choice of lawyer. The ensuing arrangement gave her father control of her personal life and financial affairs. It remains in place to this day.

Ms. Spears’s fortune is assessed at $60 million, tho’ some think it could be much more.

Off the Bar Brass Band

[Off the Bar Brass Band surprised the protest group by performing Spears’s song “Lucky” in support]

In April 2019, public sentiment began to shift

The podcast Britney’s Gram received an anonymous tip in April 2019 from a paralegal who said he worked for the law firm handling Spears’s conservatorship. He revealed explosive news including the fact that Spears was being held in a mental facility against her will.

This news sparked the flame for her fans and (re)ignited the Free Britney movement. The Free Britney movement raised awareness of Britney Spears’s plight – even before she had spoken out about it publicly.

Touch of Rose Project Organizer Joao (left, black shirt), Living Statue Johan Figueroa-González, Free Britney NYC organizer Jessie (pink shirt)

This is not the first NYC rally at Washington Square Park for Free Britney — the park has become a regular protest spot for the movement to raise awareness.

Speaking before the public this week for the first time, Britney confirmed to the court that she had (indeed) been held in a mental health facility against her will. She disclosed that under the conservatorship she was put on lithium, isolated from friends, forced to work against her wishes, prevented from having more children or getting married.

Ms. Spears said that her court appointed lawyer, Samuel Ingham, did not inform her that she could petition to end the conservatorship.

Spears said she wanted her “life back.”

Britney Spears is 39 years old.

Photos: Courtesy Joao Fernandes / Touch of Rose Project

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Transcript of Britney Spears’s Statement Against Conservatorship in Court via Variety

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