Dog Wilbur Lived in a Brooklyn Shelter for Six Years, Now Urgently Needs Donations for Knee Surgery

9 Year Old Dog Overlooked for Way Too Long

Last year, WSP Blog wrote about a dog named Wilbur who had lived over half his life in a Brooklyn shelter. Despite this article getting lots of social media action, love and shares, and much concern for this sweet dog, Wilbur remained in that shelter for a whole other year, making that six years total. He only left this May when a kind volunteer, concerned for his welfare, took him in.

Wilbur is having trouble walking now after living in a cage so long. His guardian angel needs financial help to help pay for knee surgery. He still needs a permanent home with a yard preferably, but, immediately, the goal is to get this surgery complete so Wilbur can walk and not be in pain.

Wilbur is now nine years old and lived in a New York City shelter, unbelievably, for six of those years.

Can you help today?

From Wilbur’s GoFundMe:

Hello Everyone! Wilbur is 9 yrs old and needs his knee repaired ASAP (Xrays already done). He spent 6 yrs at a shelter with no exposure and was going to be “sent away”. His angel adopted him to save his life and find him a forever family.

Unfortunately, his right knee is causing pain and he can’t stand or walk for too long. His person now uses a lift harness sling to help him during his walk. Funds are desperately needed and she asked me to help. The cost is estimated at $4000 but it could be more based on his current weight and procedure needed. All money raised will be paid directly to the hospital (not sure which they’ve chosen just yet).

“Full accounting” of who the money goes to and what the final costs were will be provided to all donors.

He also needs a home but his knee is priority. He is a big boy so his situation is urgent as it can lead to other injuries.

I ask everyone to please make a donation of any amount and share his story. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Wilbur last year

Donate to Wilbur’s Go Fund Me here.

As I wrote previously:

Amazing dog Wilbur has lived half of his 8 year old life in a Brooklyn shelter. That’s four years. This Rottweiler/Beagle mix was originally surrendered as his owner-guardian was having financial issues.

I met Wilbur a few Sundays ago walking with Lee who volunteers every Sunday at this Brooklyn animal rescue. I heard previously from another volunteer that there was a dog who had been at the shelter for three years, and then I met Wilbur. I found out from Lee it has been four years since Wilbur first entered the shelter.

Wilbur is such a sweet dog and knows basic commands; he has some food aggression/hoarding but that can be worked with. He has lived with nine cats! (That alone makes him rate in my book.) He just has been overlooked to date …

No dog should live *four years* in a cage in a shelter. Wilbur needs a loving home.

I think actually at the point this piece was written Wilbur might have been there five years, not four. He is lucky that he has some dedicated friends from the shelter who are helping him out. But this dog deserves to live out his life in a happy manner after all this time.

Donate to Wilbur’s Go Fund Me here.

Previously at Washington Square Park Blog:

Dog Wilbur has Lived in a Brooklyn Shelter Cage for 4 of his 8 Years – Half his Life

Top photo: Wilbur’s GoFundMe
Photo #2 & 3: Cathryn

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