Washington Square Park Core Hub for Black Lives Matter Protests Amidst Other NYC Locations

So moving to see the amazing coming together of masses of people mobilizing and speaking out at the park over the last couple weeks and the galvanizing of activists and supporters across the city. Photos from Saturday.

When Washington Square Park was controversially redesigned by the Bloomberg Admin. (late 2007-2014+), there was concern the park would no longer be suitable for protest, a part of its rich and important history. And for a short while, usage was denied. But as time went on, the people reclaimed this public space. People really do have the power.

Patti Smith in the crowd

Who would have thought the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, another controversial site which was taken via Eminent Domain, would have been a core hub? Seems like poetic justice.

Photos: Jesse Paris Smith via Instagram

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1 thought on “Washington Square Park Core Hub for Black Lives Matter Protests Amidst Other NYC Locations”

  1. Including WSP and other locations, this project was filmed “run and gun” throughout NYC over the last 2 weeks. When the recent protests started over the death of George Floyd, I felt the obligation as a filmmaker to not only document what was unraveling but to curate a powerful & insightful message. With the help of my buddy Micky, who narrated my film, I hope to have gotten that message across.



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