Washington Square Park Fountain Still On! But not for Much Longer

When will the fountain turn off this year? I admit to a certain fondness for the ‘off seasons’ at the park but it is also nice to have the fountain ON. In 2011, during the height of Occupy Wall Street, Washington Square Park’s famous fountain stayed on until early November (I surmised, at the time, this was to “deter protester use”).

In 2016, the fountain was still on as of October 18th.

In mid-October 2014, I wrote:

The fountain at Washington Square Park typically gets turned off each year in mid-October (it varies but that is the most typical time in recent years).

In 2011, during the height of Occupy Wall Street, the fountain was left on into mid-November. (The apparent goal? To deter the basin of the fountain being utilized for protester use.)

It was a very cool, fall day today. The fountain will be turned off soon.

More photos from the weekend to come.

Photo: Cathryn

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