Report: NYPD Close Washington Square Park With *NSYNC Song “Bye Bye Bye”


Well, this would be something to see!

Washington Square Park closes officially at 12 midnight. The NYPD come around at some point and encourage people to leave, and secure the steel barricades at the entrances.

Most NYC parks have a 1 a.m. closing. In fact, the park used to be open all the time. The curfew was controversial and then somehow WSP ended up with an earlier closing than others. Curious.

In case you’re wondering, this is the song:

In other in case you’re wondering news, yes, WSP Blog is behind on posts!

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2 thoughts on “Report: NYPD Close Washington Square Park With *NSYNC Song “Bye Bye Bye””

  1. Should we just let the crusties, dealers and junkies sleep there all night? set up a camp?
    So nice to walk through through the park with your children in the early morning and see human feces and urine, drug vials, condoms, hypos, rats and trash. It is such an educational experience.

    Really what is you point, other than knocking the cops? Are you blind to the situation?

  2. Hi Johnny,

    Thanks for your comment.

    We might disagree with the use of the park, or that that is the only way things go when people sleep overnight … or stay late playing music, so not sure where your anger is coming from … nonetheless, I was not criticizing the cops. It was creative, if it happened that way.



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