Fix, Don’t Trash, Your Broken Gadgets This Earth Day | Fixers Collective Meets West Village 4/22

Prospect Park Electronics Recycling City-sponsored event 2017

The Fixers Collective offers New Yorkers an opportunity to get help fixing gadgets, appliances and electronics that they’ve so wanted to repair but had no idea where to turn. This coming Sunday, April 22nd, for Earth Day, the group has added a special West Village event to its bimonthly sessions: bring those needy items for fixing vs. discarding; don’t trash them, meet up with The Fixers Collective.

Sunday, April 22nd 1-4 p.m.

Fat Cat FAB LAB, 224 West 4th Street between West 10th Street & Christopher Street, Suite 250, Hit Bell 7, Manhattan

Keep Your Items Out of the Landfill

All those broken things make your head spin like a busted reel-to-reel recorder? Bring ’em to our Special Fixing Session!

You broke it? Who cares? We’ll fix it together! Earth Day is EVERY DAY, especially April 22nd!

Besides, now’s a great time to make. good. art.

All are welcome, including anyone who wants to observe just by watching.

(We suggest a $5 donation for each item fixed, but no one will be turned away).

Learn more & RSVP here at the Facebook page.

Fixers Collective mission: “The Fixers’ Collective seeks to displace cultural patterns that alienate us from our things, by collectively learning the skills and patience necessary to care for them. Intentionally aligning itself with forces generated in reaction to the current economic crisis, the Fixers’ Collective promotes a counter-ethos that values functionality, simplicity, and ingenuity and that respects age, persistence and adequacy.”

The group hosts regular events 2x a month, one in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn, one in downtown Manhattan.

These photos are not from a Fixers Collective event but from a New York City Department of Sanitation “SAFE” event at Prospect Park in Brooklyn where numerous items (paints, batteries, televisions, computers, LCDs, light bulbs, fire extinguishers and more) can be brought to be safely disposed of in an “environmentally friendly” manner at events in each borough twice a year. It is amazing to see how many items people have and also bring to these events.

Fixers Collective is your step before that; the group does not dispose of items but aims to get electronics, appliances and gadgets working to prevent them from being disposed of in any form. There really is no ‘away.’ 

Photos: Cathryn

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