Summer Washington Square Park Fountain | P.S. Fountain Cleared of People to Film Commercial

washington square park fountain summer
To cool you off… the Washington Square fountain! Although you will notice there is no one sitting in or around the fountain in these photos taken today, that is because there was a commercial being filmed that was intruding way too much on the public space, including production staff shooing people away from the fountain and then blocking off access to the area surrounding the Arch to people coming from any direction. And not blocked via barricades because that would have been too obvious. Instead, production assistants stopped anyone trying to come through for large blocks of time. Obviously, movies film at the park but this was different. A commercial seems … worse than a movie. People were not happy. But please tell me what you have seen before.
washington square park fountain nyc summer
Remember when Mario Batali played ping pong with Mike Myers on the Fountain Plaza (for a “private internet project”) and they went atop the Arch? You could still walk through the park however…. and it did not take over the fountain or the area surrounding the Arch. Not anywhere near like this…

Sign of privatization to come? New Park Administrator being a bit more lax?

I do love these images.

More photos to come.

Photos: Cathryn

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