“Profiles of Protest” Audio Segment Features Highlights from Washington Square Immigrants Rally

From newly launched audio series “Profiles of Protest in the Trump Resistance era” by writer and reporter Mitchel Cohen comes Part IV capturing unique highlights and interviews from last week’s spirited immigrant rally at Washington Square Park (January 25th) which Cohen estimates was attended by over 3,000 people. If you weren’t there, you will feel like you were; if you were, hear from others in the crowd!

Listen below:

Photo by Stan Costanza, NY Daily News, January 26, 2017 (Cohen is pictured in the middle left with beard.)

Other segments in the excellent series:

“Here are several sketches — interviews done in the course of recent demonstrations — from my new series, ‘Profiles of Protest in the Trump Resistance Era’ for WBAI-FM radio/Pacifica.”

3:24 minutes  A wonderful 3 minute piece interviewing a couple of 90-year-olds at the women’s march in NYC.

This one sketches 3 women at the gigantic Women’s march on January 21, 2017. Just 1:24 minutes ….

From the streets of NYC’s inauguration night protest, as thousands marched from Foley Square down to Trump’s building on Wall Street.

Previously at Washington Square Park Blog:

“No Ban, No Wall, New York is For All” – Protesters Take to Washington Square Park January 26, 2017

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