5 Great NYC Blogs You Should be Following (Yes, WSP Blog is one of them!)

shutterstock_528559570-1Thanks to the Stonehenge site for including Washington Square Park Blog in its list of 5 Great NYC Blogs You Should be Following. So nice!

Here are a couple of blogs that every New Yorker should be checking in on regularly.

Washington Square Park Blog:

Most every park in NYC is a microcosm of the city itself. The events that occur in these public places speak volumes about the surrounding neighborhood-the mood, the trends, even the nomenclature. Washington Square Park Blog isn’t just about what goes on in the park proper; it keys you into the vibe of the entire Village. The Blog was founded in 2008, when the city began a redesign of Washington Square Park, and quickly flowered into one of the most popular neighborhood blogs.

The philosophy of the Washington Square Park Blog is to embrace the magical hold the parks have over the populace, and to examine the way they effect the neighborhood and the city at large. As Washington Square Park went through it’s major overhaul, the Blog was there to document the changes and cautiously speculate about how the area would change as a result. Today, it’s become a fantastic source of news and information for local NYC events. This is truly a homegrown blog, and the personal touch it adds to its coverage makes it well worth the click.

Thanks, Stonehenge!

And it’s nice to be in such nice company. Here are the other four, well worth a click – but check out the cool post at Stonehenge for their unique descriptions:

EV Grieve
West Side Rag
Brick Underground

You can also check out WSP Blog’s list of Life in NYC Blogs here.

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