More Coverage of Washington Square Bird-Napping | Witnesses to Nettings Sought

Updated 5:15 p.m.

Young girl and pigeons (previously)
Young girl and pigeons at the park (before abduction)

After this blog broke the story of the netting and abduction of hundreds of pigeons at Washington Square Park around July 21st, other outlets followed. There likely would have been additional coverage, however, when initially contacted, the NYPD press office provided inaccurate information, telling reporters that no abduction happened. They later revised their statements. Some outlets pursued the story nonetheless, thankfully.

Witnesses to Mass Nettings at Park Sought

Additional witnesses are being sought to the netting and abduction which is believed to have taken place in multiple locations within and around the park. If you witnessed anything curious or disturbing related to the pigeons the week of July 20th, please contact me and also call or email 311.

Additional coverage Pigeon Abduction at Washington Square Park:

Curbed: Someone Stole 300 Pigeons From Washington Square Park

Gothamist: Who is Kidnapping All the Pigeons in Washington Square Park?

The Villager: Feathery Felony in park as perps net 200 pigeons

AM NY: 300 Pigeons Reported Missing from Washington Square Park — The publication asked: Is it safe out there for New York City pigeons?

Bowery Boogie: Report: 300 Pigeons Abducted from Washington Square Park for ‘Live Shoots’

DNAinfo: 100 Pigeons Missing From Washington Square Park, NYPD Says Who’s Stealing New York City’s Pigeons?

One more addition:

WBAI Radio: Pigeons Kidnapped from Washington Square Park (I was interviewed by Mitchel Cohen.)

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Previously at Washington Square Park Blog:

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pigeons washington square park
Sunbathing pigeons at Washington Square (before hundreds, probably including these, were abducted)

Photos: Cathryn

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