The Mystery That is Pillow Fight Day

pillow_fight_day_2015_washington_square_parkI am all for fun. In fact, originally, I thought it was cool when the annual Pillow Fight Day was moved to Washington Square a few years ago after taking place at Union Square Park. But, after 2013 where feathers were left everywhere, and after watching this video of Saturday’s event and seeing the feathers coming out of all the pillows — they ask people to bring pillows without feathers but clearly that is not happening — I continue to wonder if it should really be an un-permitted event* that then relies on the Parks Department to clean up afterwards. The organizers have made an attempt to put forth guidelines and enlist volunteers to clean after the debacle of 2013 (and Twitter fight over it with Alec Baldwin! he was upset at how the park looked!) but ultimately the Parks Department ends up cleaning it up.

Maybe it is time for them to go back to Union Square Park or elsewhere? Sorry, pillow fighters.

For some unknown reason, they do not get a permit, and they do not have to. Whereas often, but not always, New York City protest organizers feel they will be shut down by NYPD without a permit for a large gathering in a park.

*And I believe most public space events should not need permits.

I have written about Pillow Fight Day here a few times but this post, Controversy Over Pillow Fights and Light Saber Battles At Parks from August 22, 2014, sums it up.

Photo via Babesta on Twitter.

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