Missing Animals from East Village Explosion: 7 Cats from Buildings Unaccounted for, Likely More | Plight of Animals Omitted from Media Reports (Updated)

Updated 6:27 p.m.

Laszlo and Lulu, missing cats, East Village Explosion
Laszlo and Lulu, missing cats, East Village Explosion

Plight of Animals in East Village Buildings Unreported in Media Accounts of Aftermath of Explosion

The East Village explosion that occurred Thursday afternoon (March 26) destroyed three buildings, countless homes, businesses, possessions, and possibly lives. There are two known missing persons. It is a terrible tragedy, especially because it appears landlord actions led to the horrible tragedy.

Unreported from media accounts has been the missing animals. Clearly there were cats, dogs, maybe birds in those buildings impacted. They matter. They are part of people’s lives. They live their own lives. Pretty much every media report has omitted any mention of their existence, yet point to possessions that were lost. Sadly, there are two people, Nicholas Figueroa and Moises Locon, who remain missing.

What about the animals that were trapped, could likely not escape the buildings or may be hidden somewhere? This should have been within the original reports. Did anyone escape with their animals? More than three animals are unaccounted for from the buildings (and there are probably more). Perhaps they are in the rubble or perhaps they found a way to flee.

Update 6:27 p.m. Daily News report ups number to 7, possibly more:

Residents were also searching for their missing pets. At least seven cats were unaccounted for, one resident said.

Here are photos of missing cats posted in the neighborhood — Sago, and Laszlo and Lulu; the latter two lived in one of the adjacent buildings.

Beloved cat Sago missing
Beloved cat Sago missing

If my cats were missing, I would be looking high and low for them and would hope others would as well (look in basements, stairwells). A scared cat will flee (if possible) and then hide.

I also read that there is a dog missing – at least one – but I do not have info on it. I will add it to the post if I find it.

Laszlo and Lulu (top photo): Call Yvonne, 212/777-3492 or 311 and ask for Animal Care & Control (ACC), the cats are microchipped

Sago (bottom photo): call 212.982.4589 or 212.979.1799

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FOLLOW-UP post: Impact of East Village Explosion on Building Animals — At least 7 Cats and 1 Dog Known Missing, How To Help, MARCH 31, 2015

4 Cats Found in Rescue Efforts in Aftermath of East Village Explosion, 4 Cats, 1 Dog Still Missing APRIL 2, 2015

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21 thoughts on “Missing Animals from East Village Explosion: 7 Cats from Buildings Unaccounted for, Likely More | Plight of Animals Omitted from Media Reports (Updated)”

  1. I know. I was wondering too and read so many media reports with no mentions. The other day someone made a comment on Twitter about how sad she was for the animals. I asked her how she knew anything about it and she told me to look in the comments section at Gothamist where there was a small amount of info. I think, beginning yesterday, I saw flyers posted on Twitter. Still nothing within mainstream – and most * alternative * – media which is why I wrote the post. Sigh.


  2. Hello, there are also pictures of the other cats that are missing from Bideawee. Hope it is okay that I share your photos on our blog for ABC Animal Hospital. Were trying to put all the information on one page and get the word out as much as possible for these pets and really hoping that they are found.

    • Thank you for sharing the information, and reaching out to one of the owners for more detail – really hope our efforts will be of some help. I have a cat of my own and can’t even begin to imagine what the owners/ lost pets are going through right now.

      On a different note I completely agree that Washington Square park is a very good park – a nice representative of the NYC we love.

  3. The media is so clueless and uncaring. I live in California and we’re bracing for a frightening fire year with the intense drought we’re in. Whenever there’s a wild file, the reports always seem to focus on the firefighters efforts to save homes. When they speak of the damage and devastation, it’s always the loss of homes and property. What about the thousands upon thousands of animals who were forced to run for their lives and many not making it. I’ve never, ever heard any reporter comment, “So much devastation, not only to people, but to the thousands of creatures who call these wildlands their home. I always think about the animals. I felt terrible when I heard about the explosion and collapse. People love their pets. They are more than material things; they are their companions! I hope many animals will be found and reunited. My thoughts and prayers are with all the victims. May God help us to help them!

    • So true, S.L.

      Thanks for sharing your experience. I dont understand the lack of emphasis on, concern about animals and wildlife either particularly in a tragedy. Hoping for the best!



  4. Thank you for this article.

    I live on 9th/2nd, with a Please Save Our Cat sign on the door to our apartment — and seeing all those missing/lost pet posters is just heartbreaking. There are at least seven cats and two dogs living in my building alone.

    Losing both your home and your beloved companion who used to wake you up each morning and remind you to be happy and grateful countless times each day, that is terrible.

    • I have a Please Save Our Pets sign on my door too. After going through this nightmare I would say to put a note as to where the pet carrier and or leashes are kept. I also have my cats microchipped.
      The pity is that during an emergency the compromised areas are closed off to animal rescuers. That seems NUTS as this is precisely WHEN the animals need rescuing the most. As proven by both Kathleen’s cats and my own, the cats are ‘good little hiders’ as Kayoko said. The cat traps should have been put out the very next day and a search of the interior of the block with its interconnecting alleys and gardens
      Let us all do everything we can to help find the rest of the pets.
      This blog is great! Yvonne

    • Thanks Daria! Turns out they were found IN Kathleens (their) apartment under the bed (it is a little heartbreaking that no one checked sooner…).

      Yes, hoping to hear good news soon about the rest. Thanks!!


  5. I was so happy to hear that several of the cats have been re-united with their owners. Have there been any updates on Sago, Lulu and the others? Please keep us posted – I pray for their safe return.

    • Hi Doc Rich,

      You may know by now that Lulu was found hiding in a drawer in the bedroom of the apartment! Yay.

      Still working on finding the others.


      • Yes Cathryn – I actually heard from Yvonne about Lulu – such good news!

        Initial reports were 7 missing cats, with 4 having been found. But then I read somewhere about a 4th still missing – I believe Sophie was the name? Sending out Easter (and Passover) prayers for Ryce, Sago, Leather Face, Sophie – and pit bull Pepper.

        Thank you for keeping this blog up to date.

          • thank you Doc Rich!! Yes, dear Sylvie. Thank you for sending prayers for them all. Oh & Pepper was rescued during the fire by firefighters! Pls see my new post on efforts to find Ryce and others. Thanks.

    • Thanks, Apulia!

      You know the guardian of Ryce! Thank you for writing in.

      I actually wrote that. This is Cathryn, I also write this blog!

      Thanks!! Hoping Ryce and the others are found soon!


  6. Cathryn…..have the missing cats been found? This post is part of my Word-Press account and I hope they’ve been found safe and sound. Thank you!

  7. Hi Susan, Thanks for checking in. There were four cats still missing as of the last time I reported, and sadly, none of these were found. Three were in the buildings that came down and one was in the adjacent building (125 Second Avenue). That cat was Ryce and people had the most * hope * in a sense that she could be located but was not.

    I discovered that two charred cat bodies were found amidst the other buildings although the NYPD did not tell the ACC until weeks later so we know two died.

    It is unclear if any escaped into the backyards. A few of us tried to gain access and also reach out to and mobilize the tenants of those buildings to check their backyards. And Yvonne Collery and another neighbor, Stella Dong, got 2 traps placed behind 125 Second Ave but it took awhile to get permission from the landlord and also figure out the “politics” around what the ACC/ASPCA were doing. Also, nighttime “wildlife cameras” were purchased via donations from a Go Fund Me to place in a few backyards but then, strangely, those were defective and that effort was basically abandoned.

    Despite placing flyers, etc., no one ever contacted any of us to say they checked their yards or were looking. I sensed a transient feeling to many of those buildings. If someone put a sign on my building, I would hope I would contact someone to say I checked.

    I was thinking of doing a follow-up story around the one year anniversary. I may still…

    Thanks for checking in and caring. Sorry to not have happier news.



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