Washington Square Park Blog Named One of 24 Best NYC Neighborhood Blogs Via Brick Underground

iStock_brick_underground_new_york_city_best_neighborhood_blogsFrom Brick Underground, the 2015 version of their list of NYC’s “Best” Neighborhood Blogs. It was sweet to be on the list in 2014 and now this year, alongside so many other great blogs with so many different styles. Blogs in every borough, tho’ Staten Island could use a few more! And this marks only 24, there are too many great New York City sites, probably more than a few I have not yet explored!

The 24 Best NYC Neighborhood Blogs: 2015 Edition via Brick Underground:

Washington Square Park Blog

Having recently celebrated its 7th birthday (practically a century in indie blog years), Washington Square Park blog is still as vital as ever in coverage of its namesake park and the neighborhoods that surround it. And while it lost a longtime arch-enemy when Bloomberg left office,  with the ongoing local debate over NYU’s planned expansion, let’s just say they’ve got plenty to write about.

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