Hot Local Chain Joe Coffee Has New Spot Brewing Near Washington Square

Joe Waverly Location
Joe Waverly Location

Yesterday, on Twitter, Joe Coffee announced a new location of their small coffee shop chain, which launched in 2003 on Waverly Place, set to settle in near Washington Square Park.

 ·  Jan 13

Friends near Washington Square Park and , we’re bringing you a present in early 2015. One hint: it’s a coffee shop.

Of course, there is no shortage of possible locations – with a plethora of shuttered shops in the Village. They would want a bit of distance from the Waverly locale which is right off Sixth Avenue, and it’s doubtful it will be on West 8th Street (which is so close, and also there is Stumptown). My guess is that it is more likely to be on West 3rd or West 4th Streets, south of the park. MacDougal Street seems unlikely. They do have major competition in the so-called “NYU area” between Think Coffee and Third Rail (Sullivan Street) but, in between those two, there is a good amount of turf they could claim (people want coffee!). East of the park has available storefronts they could inhabit as well and would also make sense based on this tweet.

Joe Coffee (which used to be called Joe The Art of Coffee, so I still think of it that way) has a roasting plant now in Brooklyn and 10 locations in Manhattan and two in Philadelphia. Their coffee is primarily direct trade, organic but not certified (last I heard).

My best guess for this new location is south or east of the park. How about you?


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2 thoughts on “Hot Local Chain Joe Coffee Has New Spot Brewing Near Washington Square”

  1. There’s a vacant storefront on Mercer between 8th and Waverly that had been a small coffee place, don’t remember it’s name. Or maybe the recently closed Au Bon Pain location at the corner of 8th and Mercer, or maybe Cafetasia’s former space. There’s not really any coffee in the immediate area, and seems far enough away from Starbucks, Oren’s, Think and Stumptown.

  2. Hey Angela,

    Good possibilities! I did not know that Au Bon Pain closed. That seemed so popular and was a nice option (even if a chain). I guess I dont often walk past Fifth Avenue in that direction on 8th Street. And Cafetasia too! I will have to walk that way soon and check it all out. I know the pet store sadly closed awhile ago and the small hardware store near Au Bon Pain too. Alas…

    Well, we will see! Those could be good spots.

    Thanks for your comment.



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